No Further Objections

Monday: For Gentiles Also

The story we find in Acts 10 and 11 was of great importance to Luke because he tells it three times, twice in chapter 10 (once briefly) and again in chapter 11, the chapter we are to study now. Luke was composing under the direct influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit. So we know that the story of Peter’s preaching to the household of the centurion Cornelius was not only important to him but is important to God also.

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No Further Objections

Tuesday: Knowing the Will of God

It is interesting how Peter handled this controversy. Peter could have said, perhaps rightly, “I am an apostle; God speaks to me and through me. God told me that going to the house of these Gentiles was all right. So if you don’t like it, you can just leave my church.” Some Christian leaders do handle controversy in that way. But I notice that Peter did not do that. Peter was an apostle, but he did not flaunt his apostolic authority. Instead he began with a humble recitation of what happened. The Greek makes this particularly clear. It indicates that Peter began at the beginning and explained everything precisely—a very strong word—precisely as it happened.

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No Further Objections

Friday: Accepted by God

When Peter began to preach to them, the Gentiles heard the message and believed it, and God showed their acceptance with Him by sending the Holy Spirit, just as He had sent the Holy Spirit upon the apostles on the Day of Pentecost.

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