If we are to worship God, we must get to know God, and this means that we must begin to study God's own revelation of himself in the Bible. Every Christian must do this. If we are to praise and glorify God as we ought, we will have to watch television less and study God's Word more. We will have to become men and women of the Book. 

Why is so little of the worship that characterized past great ages of the church seen among us? One reason, as we noted in yesterday's study, is that ours is a trivial age and the church has been affected by this. We look at two other reasons in today's study. 

How can people whose minds are filled with the brainless babble of the evening sitcoms have anything but trivial thoughts when they come to God's house on Sunday morning, if, in fact, they have thoughts of God at all? How can they appreciate his holiness if their heads are full of the moral muck of the talk shows? 

What is the chief end of man? We know the answer to that question. It is the first response of the Westminster Shorter Catechism: “Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” But do we? Do we even know what it means really to glorify, praise or worship God? 

Love of the Scriptures led these believers also to love one another, which meant that they had genuine unity as God's people. The most important thing about them, both individually and as a community, was their devotion to the teaching. But because of it, they cared for one another. They even shared their material possessions and gave generously to all who were in need.