Today we look at the last two of the six specific blessings for which the Lord was to be given thanks.

Yesterday we looked at the first of six blessings for which God was to be praised. Today we consider the next three.

Since Psalm 21 is a prayer of national thanksgiving, it suggests another illustration. The great poet Rudyard Kipling was asked to write a poem to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria in 1897. It had been a splendid occasion. High government officials and soldiers from all over the empire had assembled in London, along with nearly two hundred ships of the Royal Navy. They had come through a great century, and everyone was now praising England and her queen.

Psalm 20 is a prayer for God's deliverance of Israel's king on the occasion of an impending battle. It is a prayer for victory. The twenty-first Psalm, the one that we will look at here, is a prayer of national thanksgiving for that deliverance.

In Romania, where President Nicolae Ceausescu just weeks before had declared that apple trees would bear pears before socialism should be endangered in Romania, the end began in the house of a Protestant pastor whose parishioners surrounded him, declaring that they were willing to die rather than let him be arrested by the state police.7 Josef Tson, the founder and president of the Romanian Missionary Society, was in Romania just after the death of Ceausescu and reported the details of the story.