What does it mean that the wife is to submit herself to her husband as under the Lord? Well, it certainly does not mean that she is submitting to a form of slavery or tyranny. For we are not called to a form of slavery or tyranny by Christ. It does not mean a type of blind obedience either, for a wife is not a chattel. Neither does it mean that the submission itself is always entirely one-sided, for the verse immediately before this says that we are to submit ourselves "one to another in the fear of the Lord" (v. 21). Actually, the verse means that the wife was created primarily as a helpmeet for the man. Thus, in a very real way she is to subordinate her interests to his. 

One of the most important things that can be said about a Christian marriage is that within the relationship God has established an organic union between two persons—an organic union, not an organization. But when that is said, it must also be said that marriage does have organizational aspects. Hence, we must give attention to these also. How is a marriage to function after the wedding vows are taken? Is it to be a democracy? Is it to be a dictatorial system? A monarchy? Or is it a republican form of government? And what are the duties of the husband, wife, and children to each other and to the Lord? 

The final and conclusive proof of all that I have been saying is in the truth that when God created us male and female and established the state of marriage, he did so for a definite purpose. What was it? It was to provide the best illustration in life of how God joins a man or woman to Jesus Christ and how He joins them to Him forever. 

I have said that a true marriage must be a marriage of body with body and of soul with soul. But it must also be a marriage of spirit with spirit. It is for this reason that the only marriages that can approximate the kind of marriage that God intended to exist in this world are Christian marriages. 

Hence, a marriage that involves a union of souls is a marriage in which a couple shares an interest in the same things—the same books, the same shows, the same friends—and seeks to establish a meeting of the minds (as it were) both intellectually and emotionally. Such marriages will always last longer.