The place to begin in the discussion of these texts is not with the exception itself, however—we will come back to it later—but with the general direction of the passage. And this, quite clearly, is to assert in the strongest possible language the permanency of marriage. Marriage is of God; hence, men are not to disannul it. In this assertion, Jesus was clearly at one with the entire scope of biblical teaching. 

It should be evident from everything that has been said thus far about marriage that, according to the teaching of God's Word, marriage is for life. In Christian marriage, a man and a woman are joined to each other as a Christian is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the relationship in each case is permanent—the one for this life, the other for this life and for eternity. 

Finally, there will be some for whom these words seem too late. In your case, love has died, and there seems to be nothing that will rescue your marriage from that void. If it were not for what your friends would think of you, you would proceed with a divorce. What should you do? You must yield to the Lord Jesus Christ and let Him rekindle a love that has grown cold or a living love that has died.

Now the most important thing that the husband is commanded in the Bible is to be the spiritual head of his home. Since that involves the children as well as the wife, I propose to treat it more broadly in that context. What does the Bible say to children? 

Now, of course, all of this is only one side of the relationship, as you will see. For if God sets a high standard before the woman He sets an even higher standard before the man. The wife is to love her husband and submit to him as she loves Christ and submits to Christ. But the husband is to love his wife as Christ loved us and gave Himself for us.