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9/01/19  - "The Good Shepherd - Part 2"
                    Ezekiel 34:1-31
9/08/19  - "Can These Dry Bones Live? - Part 1"
                    Ezekiel 37:1-28
9/15/19  - "Can These Dry Bones Live? - Part 2"
                    Ezekiel 37:1-28  
9/22/19  - "A River Runs Though It - Part 1 "
                    Ezekiel 40-48

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Liam Goligher is a native of Scotland and earned his D. Min at the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson MS. He was a minister of churches in Northern Ireland; Canada; two churches in Scotland; and in Richmond, London before becoming Senior Minister of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia PA in 2011. He has authored several books and contributed to many others. Dr. Goligher has served on the boards of many Christian ministries, including as a Trustee of the Keswick Convention Trust in the UK. A popular conference speaker, he was invited to Keswick eight summers. He and his wife Christine have been blessed with three daughters, two sons and numerous grandchildren.

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Posted: April 20, 2014

Armies rely on spies to gather intelligence about their enemy?s strategy. The side that is able to anticipate their opponent?s next move is the one that will usually win the battle. In our spiritual war against Satan, we have the advantage of already knowing the enemy?s plan. All the strategic intelligence we need is available for us right in God?s Word.

Posted: April 13, 2014

Studying end times theology inevitably raises many questions. What is the Great Tribulation? Who is the Antichrist? When are the last days? And shouldn?t we just ask God to airlift us out when times get tough? A closer look at Revelation chapter 3 reveals that we?re living in those last days now ? in a unique time in history that can be referred to as ?the already, but not yet.?

Posted: April 06, 2014

Children often pass blame and point fingers to avoid punishment. But in the early chapters of Genesis, we find that adults can play the blame game too. The story of Adam and Eve?s fall in the Garden of Eden features the very first lie ever told, the first bad decision ever made and the first breach of man?s contract with his Creator.

Posted: March 30, 2014

Luther once stated that God?s Word will either keep us from sin, or sin will keep us from God?s Word. And, in fact, Satan is counting on that to be true! Our enemy has been planting seeds of doubt into the hearts of believers since the beginning. And while he may no longer come in the form of a serpent, he is still looking for ways to intrude into our lives today.

Posted: March 23, 2014

For centuries, Christians have debated about the best way to approach our fallen world. Should we hide from it or perhaps just ignore it? The reality is that a spiritual war is constantly waging between the powers of good and evil and as believers, there is no hiding or ignoring it?we are called to engage in that war, armed with the truth of God?s Word as our weapon.

Posted: March 16, 2014

In a society obsessed with personal rights and freedoms, it?s counter-cultural to imagine that human beings could possibly be in bondage to anyone or anything. But Scripture tells us that we are just that ? we are, in fact, salves to sin. The good news is that true, spiritual freedom is possible and today, we?ll find out how!

Posted: March 09, 2014

In the book of Ephesians, Paul uses a medical metaphor to describe the truly hopeless state of humanity, apart from God?s grace. Does he describe us as spiritually bedridden or maybe terminally ill? Paul?s diagnosis may be bleak, but today we?ll discover that, because of God?s ultimate plan, our spiritual condition is not hopeless after all.

Posted: March 02, 2014

We often hear the term ?peer pressure? and assume it?s a challenge faced only by teenagers with pushy friends and low self-esteem. The reality, though, is that all of us are faced daily with worldly temptations that fight for our attention and our allegiance. And if we?re not equipped and prepared to resist it, we can be easily blindsided by sin.

Posted: February 23, 2014

Just as we can?t actually hear silence because it is simply the absence of noise, it is difficult to define evil without referencing a standard of goodness. God is that ultimate standard and Adam?s sin was a disruption to God?s good world. Thanks for joining us today as Dr. Goligher walks us through the history and theology of the Genesis story that unfolded in the Garden of Eden.

Posted: February 16, 2014

Some people are particularly interested in tracking their biological history through geologies and family trees. As Christians, we should be interested in understanding the background of our spiritual family. Who is this God we serve and why did he create us? In this broadcast of No Falling Word, Dr. Goligher will break down the details for us in a message entitled, ?The Anatomy of a Fall.?